Park Place, Neo Traditional, Rockwall, Texas, Custom Built Homes




I understand why people sometimes get out of their cars to take pictures… I’m in love with this neighborhood and never plan to leave! It’s like a page out of Southern Living! Come build a new “old home” in Park Place. You’ll love the neighbors!                                      – Deanna Allison


I love living in Park Place! It’s a  charming neighborhood… cozy, quiet and inviting! I  especially love sitting on my front porch and waving at people as they pass by  in their cars or on foot – that’s what you do on a Southern Porch!                                      – Brenda Rhodes


When my husband and I decided to downsize from our home on an acre lot with a lovely view of the lake in Heath, I was unsure how I’d adjust to a new life in Park Place at Old Town Rockwall. Now I can tell you in just a few words— I wonder why we waited so long! Every day I enjoy both the charm and the convenience of this nostalgic neighborhood and our Folk Victorian home. Our favorite restaurants and our church are just blocks away, yet the neighborhood feels like a secret getaway, with mature trees and nature preserve. For me, Park Place is the best of old and new… the perfect place to live!                                      – Missy Buchanan