Park Place Architects and Designers

Latimer Designs INC Plans Land Strohmeyer Architects Inc. East Star Design
This is not a comprehensive list and other designers/architects may be used. Be sure anyone planning your Park Place home understands the foundation restrictions and approved styles in Park Place Ph III.

Shannon Newsom, CADAGIZN

Phone: 469-338-9863 | FaceBook: Cadazign| Email:



Michael V. Land, Plans by Land

Phone: (972) 250-2005 | Website:| Email:



Kevin Moore, Moore Designs

Phone:(972) 494-1193 |Email:


Greg Guerin Architect, NCARB

Phone: O (972) 200-7340 C (214) 469-7176 | Website:| Email:


Jimmy Strohmeyer



Charles Shearer



Lee Ann Latimer