Water Conservation

Summer is certainly here in all its blazing glory! Although we have been blessed with a few rain showers lately, the City of Rockwall has adopted a Water Conservation Plan. For our residents’ convenience, we are including the guidelines for the Plan below:

  1. Watering between 10a and 6p is prohibited from April 1 through October 31
  2. Outdoor watering of impervious surfaces is prohibited
  3. Watering during rain or freezing temperatures is prohibited
  4. Lawn and landscape irrigation is limited to twice per week unless:
    • Irrigation systems are installed with an evapo-transpiration controller
    • A water hose with a shut-off valve is used
    • Or if needed for establishing new lawns or landscaping, for a period of 30 days or as approved by the City.
  5. Rain and freeze sensors and/or evapo-transpiration controllers must be properly maintained
  6. Fund-raising and at-home car washing are permitted only when using a water hose with a shut-off nozzle